We Guarantee It … You Will Find No Others Like It.

Our motivation: To provide the most technically advanced response gear available. Gear that outlasts all others. Gear that invariably outperforms the user’s expectations and requirements. 

To compromise is to give something up, which Line of Fire will never do. We follow one path: forward. Change is constant, and as our customer’s needs evolve, so will our gear. 

Be assured there is no glove grip available like Line of Fire’s proprietary GRIP SYSTEM. 

Our GRIP SYSTEM uses TEGS™, a microeplicative technology in which thousands of microscopic pojections interlock to provide unparralleled gripping capabilities whether the surface is dry, wet, oily, dusty, or covered in mud, sweat or blood.

The instant of decision may be a long time building, or it may be immediate. A firm grip on a dangerous situation contributes to a successful outcome. In our case, “grip” is considered in two ways:

• Professional mastery of a life-threatening situation in which training and experience instinctively lead the way. Here, “get a grip” is a mental exercise.
• Firm control of the implements employed. Here, “get a grip” is the application of technology to enhance control – to forge aconfident bond between man and machine.

The first grip is your responsibility. The second is ours.

Decades of research have generated improvements in the enhancement of grasp. A leather covering is an improvement over a bare metal handle, and Velcro® is useful for persistent adhesion in all axes. Augmentation of lateral grip without sacrificing rapid release has been impossible to achieve – until now.