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Among the most versatile gripping materials ever invented, TEGS™ (Technically Enhanced Grip System) combines thousands of microscopic projections that interlock with minimum pressure to maintain an exceptionally strong lateral hold. Until now, augmentation of lateral grip without sacrificing rapid release has been impossible to achieve.

The unique properties of TEGS™ makes this possible. One side of TEGS material consists of thousands of micro gripping dots. The other side is layered with 3M™ high-performance pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. TEGS comes in different formats including sheeting, wrap, and die-cut shapes. When adhered to many types of surfaces such as plastics (like polyethylene or polypropylene) or metal surfaces such as steel, aluminum or powder coated surfaces, TEGS forms a long lasting bond with a revolutionary grip.

TEGS ovals allows the flexibility to cover many types of flat or curved surfaces.

Package contains: 6 count of 3″ Ovals and 12 count of .5″ Ovals

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x .5 in


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